Norton Dominator 88S 1963


Norton’s endeavor in the parallel-twin history started in 1948 when they launched the Dominator Model 7. The 497cc twin was designed by ex-Triumph man Bert Hopwood and formed the basis for the Norton twin range until the late 70’ies. The Model 88 first appeared in 1953 in the legendary race-proven Featherbed frame, and lasted until the mid-60’ies in its rarest and most powerful form: the 88SS. The twin carb hot-rodded 88SS produced 36bhp and launched the Dominator to a top speed over 110mph.

This rare 88SS is a 1963 model, equipped with the slimline Featherbed frame, coil iginition and alternator electrics. It has been beautifully nut-and-bolt restored 15 years ago to an original as-new condition and sparingly used since. Just look at the pictures to enjoy the quality of the restoration and the lovely sculpted lines of that beautiful engine in that legendary frame. Easy to start, easy to ride, very easy to fall in love with, so beware!