Novy 200cc ca. 1953


This ca. ’53 Belgian-made Novy certainly is a real barn find: original, untouched and unrestored.

The brand Novy first appeared in 1907 in Kortrijk, as a bicycle brand. Their first motorized cycle came in 1927. During their whole motorcycle-producing career the company strategy was clear: buy-in well reputed engines (JLO for mopeds and Villiers for motorcycles) and mount them in a quality-built chassis. Petrol tanks, mudguards, frame and sheet metal parts were all produced in house. The result was a very trustworthy and affordable motorcycle.

From 1952 the 200cc model (with Villiers 8E 8,7hp engine) was equipped with a swing arm rear suspension and telescopic front forks.

This attractive little 200cc Novy dates from somewhere around ’53-’55 ¬†and probably has a three speed gearbox. She is 100% complete (apart from the petrol filler cap) and look at the details such as the old Belgian license plate, tyre pump and the lack of paint…

Would make an excellent candidate for restoration (no perforations) but equally interesting as a window display in your shop (well maybe she might just end up in mine one day…).

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